But is it fun?

November 27, 2014


WARNING: Contains ~11 minutes of two idiots running around and carrying on, shooting at each other and missing a lot. The audio is poor and some chest bumping occurs.

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New In-Game Video on Level Design

June 30, 2012

We put together a quick look at Level Design in GROUND BRANCH for you. This only very briefly scratches the surface as we don’t want to give away our secrets. Enjoy!


New Kickstarter video pitch

June 25, 2012

We had George Lucas go back and adjust our original KS pitch video, to be more in line with our original vision. I’m sure you will find the changes to be most agreeable.

We know we still have an uphill battle and we are working as hard as we can. Thanks to all those that continue to support us!


New In-Game Video With Commentary

June 17, 2012

We broke out the in-game sequence from the main Kickstarter video, reworked it a little, included some new content then added commentary to give you a better idea of our goals and design for Ground Branch. Jon, our Producer/Designer, is the narrator.



New promo video

June 8, 2012

With the help of some fans, we are releasing an exciting new Ground Branch Promotional Video. Fell free to spread it around, link it or whatever. We have an exciting design for Ground Branch and this just scratches the surface!


Ground Branch website launched

April 16, 2012

Welcome to the official website for Ground Branch, BlackFoot Studios’ premiere title. With authentic realism and gameplay based on intelligent strategy, fans of the first person shooter genre will once again experience a true tactical military experience that is hard to find in today’s gaming market. With all new content, never before seen screenshots and game footage, inside information and an extensive Questions & Answers section, BlackFoot Studios wants to bring Ground Branch back into the spotlight.

We are heading into the next phase of Ground Branch’s development and ready to go full steam into production. Soon we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to support that effort and will need all of your support to make sure it is a success. We have all been waiting a long time for this chance, so let’s make it happen! To thank you all for your continued support we are releasing a Kickstarter Teaser video below.