New In-Game Video on Level Design

June 30, 2012

We put together a quick look at Level Design in GROUND BRANCH for you. This only very briefly scratches the surface as we don’t want to give away our secrets. Enjoy!


Interview with John Sonedecker on FPS General

June 26, 2012 recently did an interview with BlackFoot Studios founder, John Sonedecker.

“The team, founded by John Sondecker – one of the developers responsible for the original Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games – are hard at work on bringing tactical shooter back to their roots. Just the thought alone that a true industry veteran like Sonedecker is at the helm of Ground Branch is enough to get people excited, but after really taking a close look at the game, this is only the tip of the iceberg.”

You can read the full interview here.

We are adding SP/Co-op free to backers

We have heard the message loud and clear and are happy to announce that we are going to offer ALL of our Kickstarter backers that pledged from the minimum $15 reward up, the Singleplayer/Co-Op portion (with advanced AI) of GROUND BRANCH for FREE. Every copy of the game gets this; So for example, if you get a FIRETEAM EDITION then all 4 copies will be eligible for the additional release.

This will be available some time after the initial release that will include full multiplayer (objective-based TvT, PvP) and core single player/co-operation gameplay (e.g. terrorist hunt against bots) from the start.

Let the world know so that we can all enjoy GROUND BRANCH!

New Kickstarter video pitch

June 25, 2012

We had George Lucas go back and adjust our original KS pitch video, to be more in line with our original vision. I’m sure you will find the changes to be most agreeable.

We know we still have an uphill battle and we are working as hard as we can. Thanks to all those that continue to support us!


Ground Branch DRM Free

June 23, 2012

DRM Free
Ground Branch has a DRM-Free version, and supports Offline play!

Some of our community has expressed interest in being able to play the game, independent of Steam. We are pleased to announce that, every backer of Ground Branch, will now have the choice!

We will be providing two executables:

1. A Steam Release (which uses Steamworks for online features such as matchmaking, VOIP and Mod Distribution through the SteamWorkshop) and…

2. A DRM-Free version of the game, which can be played without an internet connection, and used for gamers with LAN-only setups or that want to play the solo portions of Ground Branch without connecting to the internet.

Both versions are free of install limits, and we are not using services like SecuROM. The Steam version can be used for offline LAN as well, but must use Valve’s “Offline Mode” if you plan to be without a connection. Either way, all current and future backers have access to both, in the event that they need to be away from the internet! This is great news, if you’re deployed, or just want to more easily host a LAN party and play our game!

Gamespy is no longer being considered.

New In-Game Video on Sound Design

June 21, 2012

Wilhelm’s Curse: Tired of the same tired weapon sounds you hear in every other game? Here’s a look at some of our sound design work, showcasing the attention to detail in the sound layers of some of the most basic tasks. Everything shown is recorded from source material. Oh, and our entire sound library will be available to the mod community, to give them a head start in creating content.


New In-Game Video With Commentary

June 17, 2012

We broke out the in-game sequence from the main Kickstarter video, reworked it a little, included some new content then added commentary to give you a better idea of our goals and design for Ground Branch. Jon, our Producer/Designer, is the narrator.



Kickstarter page update and Mac version

June 12, 2012

We have begun to rebrand our KS page, and are starting to reach out to the big games press, since things have settled down. Thank you, to all of our new backers! Be sure to check out our updated Kickstarter page.

Mac Version

We spoke with our programming team, and have come to the conclusion that fully supporting the Mac version of the game from the start is both possible and within our goals. Pledgers will have the choice of either a PC or Mac version of Ground Branch.

Available for Windows PC and Mac OS

New promo video

June 8, 2012

With the help of some fans, we are releasing an exciting new Ground Branch Promotional Video. Fell free to spread it around, link it or whatever. We have an exciting design for Ground Branch and this just scratches the surface!


Introducing our music composer, Jeffrey Hayat

June 7, 2012

We would like to introduce our music composer, Jeff Hayat. He has been with us and working on the Ground Branch soundtrack for some time and always delivers just what we are after. A truly creative professional!

Bio: Jeffrey Hayat was born and raised in New York City. His affinity of music started at a very early age, and the guitar became his first love at age 10. He went on to play in many local hard rock and heavy metal bands, expanding all the while his appreciation for classical and film score music, and studying orchestral composition and orchestration.

“Music to me is like another language; it is another means of vocalizing one’s thoughts and feelings. The creation of music is my way of communicating to others – others who may not speak my native tongue, but who can feel the sensation and the passion that is music.”

Jeff has composed for several small films, several game trailers, and has had much of his work featured on both network and cable TV. He is continually evolving, searching for different ways to capture intensity and emotion through music, while not being afraid to take risks in an effort to capture innovative and enduring melodies and rhythms.

Listen to the Ground Branch Theme and Battleram track on our Kickstarter updates page.