we will just leave this right here…..

September 10, 2015

I was working on lighting for the Tanker Ship map and decided to do a screen grab. This is straight from the editor, pasted into PS and saved out. 🙂




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Some new weapon renders

August 28, 2015

We have been doing a lot of work on networking and AI lately and that stuff is kind of hard to show off until its done. Though Phil has been doing a good job of posting AI progress in the forums.  🙂

So why not show off some weapon work we have been doing!

The sniper rifle that will be in the Early Access is the M14 EBR and here is the current progress on the high poly version:


Mk14_EBR_01 Mk14_EBR_02 Mk14_EBR_03 Mk14_EBR_04

And for the Light Machine Gun in the Early Access we will be including a Mk46 MOD 1. Here is the in game asset rendered in engine:

GB_Mk46_01 GB_Mk46_02 GB_Mk46_03 GB_Mk46_04

The Mk46 will also make its debut in the official 1009 Operator Edition build coming soon. Thanks for all the support we have received to this point… it is GREATLY appreciated!

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A quick peek

July 25, 2015

About a month ago we showed off one of the early stages of the TankerShip map that is currently available in the Ground Branch Operator Edition. The map is massive and will allow us to actually utilize 3 unique playable spaces, each with various day/night/weather combinations making for a map that provides lots of replayability over various MP/Coop modes. The goal for Ground Branch is to get as much replayability out of our content as possible and this is a step in the right direction. Over the last few weeks, the engine room area of the map has gone through an initial art pass so we thought we’d share a few screenshots!

GB_EngineRoom_01 GB_EngineRoom_04 GB_EngineRoom_03 GB_EngineRoom_02


We are working hard to get us closer to Early Access, but while you wait why not pick up the Operator Edition and help support the project! www.groundbranch.com/store

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Progress update

June 16, 2015

We have been pretty busy since launching our Tech Preview and opening the groundbranch.com store just over a month ago so its a good time to give an update on where things are at.

The biggest news is Ground Branch is playable with a simple multi-player deathmatch game mode(more modes coming soon) using a dedicated server, direct ip connect or over a LAN! We have implemented our first pass of the Server Browser using Steam for our online connectivity and we already have plenty of current Operator Edition users hopping on 24/7 dedicated servers and having a good time. Videos of play sessions are coming soon.

If you want to join in the fun and see  how Ground Branch is shaping up, all while helping to fund this awesome project, then hit the store and buy into the Operator Edition and get access right away!


Its still early and multiplayer is in its early days, but Operator Edition players are really enjoying themselves and fully embracing where Ground Branch is heading. Its a game where people find themselves just hanging out sometimes. Here are a couple forum comments that jumped out at us:

“We were just hanging in the ts, watching e3 coverage and walking on the map.
at some point we figured out we could launch each other by jumping into one another. so we worked on our technique for a while.
there were actually 8 and probably more people on the server at times.
again it was fun”  ~  MissVerstanden

“….. I had a blast. It is a bit like Arma, but smoother and less clunky and controls that make sense. The lean works better and more natural than I expected. You’ll see me leaning on every corner.” ~ Psychomorph


At BlackFoot Studios we pride ourselves in our community involvement and are getting valuable feedback from those that have downloaded the Tech Preview as well as those that purchased the Operator Edition. It’s always great to see players do things in the game that weren’t specifically thought of, but yet fully support and validate the core concept of what Ground Branch is all about………..

“so… i somehow killed myself by shooting my guy in the foot” ~ chicken_slayer

Something like shooting yourself in the foot doesn’t usually happen in games, but its a realistic side effect of how Ground Branch is built. You better keep muzzle awareness and trigger discipline or something bad might happen!


Now to show the Early Access map #2 from the Trello board… Its a giant tanker ship! Lots of area to cover and a design that poses some unique tactical challenges is sure to test your skills.

Tanker_WIP_01 Tanker_WIP_02 Tanker_WIP_03

It is currently in the “blocking out” stage to define the overall space and is getting some decent playtesting time by our Operator Edition users. One of my favorite quotes from the forums:

“That tanker ship! That’s exactly what we need for early access, good work. Looks wide and dense at the same time, can’t wait for the interior compartments. RS tanker ship pales in comparison to it.” ~ Psychomorph

So that’s it for now. Things are moving along nicely so why don’t you join in the Operator Edition fun!

-Team BFS

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Ground Branch AI collaboration

June 2, 2015

As everyone knows, good AI is essential in a tactical shooter that includes Single Player and Coop modes. We have taken a big leap forward in achieving that goal for Ground Branch with the addition of Phil Carlisle (zoombapup on the forums). BlackFoot Studios will be collaborating on developing both a friendly and enemy AI solution for Ground Branch and Unreal Engine 4 in general. Phil brings a vast work history and knowledge and we look forward to working with him to bring the world of Ground Branch alive!
Phil Carlisle has been making games for more than 20 years. Initially as programmer on the multi-million selling Worms series of games for Team17. Then as an indie developer using a variety of engine technologies. During his time as an indie, he has written chapters in books such as the AI Wisdom series, the Game AI Pro series and has written and published academic work in a number of books and conference papers. He also served as CTO for a startup AI company focussed on emotional AI characters and user-centric AI programming tools called StoryBricks. More recently Phil has been contributing to the AI knowledge base for Epic’s newly released Unreal Engine and has been finishing up his PhD work on Digital Actors. Phil’s personal goal is to empower game designers to create believable characters by creating easily usable tools that drive more dynamic characters in much the same manner as a director drives an actor’s performance.
Phil plans on charting his progress with forum posts and videos, so please check him out in the BFS forums!

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Tech Preview available and Store is open!

May 11, 2015

We are happy to announce that our official Tech Preview is available for free download right now. Yes, an actual playable version of Ground Branch! We also have our store open where you can financially support development of Ground Branch moving forward. In addition to the free Tech Preview we also have an Early Access pre-order, a T-Shirt and the Operator Edition….Which includes immediate access via Steam to our development builds leading up to the official Steam Early Access release. For more information check out the store:

Store_NewsMajor credit cards and PayPal accepted

By purchasing the Operator Edition you not only help us financially, but you also have the opportunity to continuously provide feedback from playing development builds. We will use this feedback to help shape not only the Early Access release, but Ground Branch itself. We are committed to releasing development builds bi-weekly and will provide hot fixes as needed. We may also do more frequent updates if the need arises.

This is our current crowd funding to get to a successful Early Access, so if you are able please give a little extra at the store. When making a purchase, or even just getting the free Tech Preview, just enter an amount above what the set price is… easy as that. 🙂  So please support development of Ground Branch by making a purchase, giving a little extra or just by spreading the word!

The Plan

The plan for the funding we raise from the store is to put together a solid and engaging Early Access build for Steam. This will include everything currently in the Operator Edition with the addition of more content along with examples of PvP and Coop gameplay all wrapped up in a polished presentation.

The Tech Preview will be updated as needed to continue its use as a great testing platform for compatibility and performance issues. However, we will not be keeping feature parity with Operator Edition builds for much longer as it is not a game demo. Once the Early Access is available on Steam we will release a proper Ground Branch demo.

So please, spread the word and join in the Ground Branch fun!

What others are saying

Here are just a few excellent video first looks of the Tech Preview and Operator Edition by those that have already joined in:



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Patches and Tech Preview update

April 24, 2015

Hello all!

I wanted to give a quick update on the Tech Preview release…. Just about there. The testers found a few issues that must be fixed before release and we are working on those. We are also trying to squeeze in a few more features that may seem small, but play a large role in defining what Ground Branch is all about. The Tech Preview is a huge step for us and one that we want to be absolutely sure that those that play it are able to come away understanding what we are going for and what Ground Branch is going to be. I am also trying to finalize some storefront issues as well. So the countdown is in days now, not weeks. 🙂

Two of those small but significant “Ground Branch” features that we’ll give a glimpse of here are user patches and control scripting.


We have basic support in for user created patches. At the moment, there are slots on each arm and the baseball hat to place a patch. Each slot can have its own patch as well. We haven’t worked out all the backend stuff just yet, but patches are images on disk that are loaded directly into the game either locally or from the server. Of course there will be rules that are setup and restrictions on how things work so not to create issues for people. For you old schoolers…. think back to how Rainbow Six worked in this area.

Of course, everything is work in progress here.




This one is definitely more behind the scenes….something so simple yet so powerful. Our key binding works in the traditional way, but you can also craft a script that sets up custom actions or binding groups. Almost anything that is bindable is scriptable as well. Instead of these actions being hard coded you have complete control to setup what you want. For instance, say you don’t like the standard toggle lean setup. Simply make a script that changes it to a momentary one that requires you to hold the key to stay leaned and release the key to go back.

Here is an example of the LeanLeftToggle control script:

"ActionName": "LeanLeft",
"Version": 2,
"Name": "Lean Left (Toggle)",
"Description": "Press to left left. Press again to cancel.",
"ScriptData": [
"ButtonUsage": "Pressed",
"Entries": [
"Is": "Leaning",
"Parameter": "Left",
"TrueEntries": [
"Function": "StopLeaningLeft"
"FalseEntries": [
"Function": "StartLeaningLeft"

We will provide a cheat sheet of all the necessary keywords from the code to make your own scripts as well. These scripts are loaded from disk by clicking the ‘Options’ icon for each keybind.


So there you go. Not much longer and some cool stuff. Have a great weekend!

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Screenshot extravaganza!

April 13, 2015

There is a small group that has had access to development builds of Ground Branch for a while now. About a month ago we gave them permission to post screenshots and videos from the build(s) in the forum. Unfortunately, if you don’t frequent the forums then you may have missed them. So we thought we would gather some of the best ones and make them official. Special thanks go out to those that are posting media, but specifically to forum members Psychomorph and DetCord for the images shown here.

Some of this will be available in the Tech Preview, but all of it, and more, is in the Operator Edition dev builds. Everything is still on track and we are working hard to get the last few bits fixed up in the build as well as some logistical items for launching this thing sorted out. Enjoy!


A few shots of a player in various postures and environments.


Weapon and environment effects that actually affect gameplay. Flashbangs will leave a lingering smoke in the room that may make visibility difficult. Environment fog and smoke effects conceal players.


Some environment shots


Rain and lightning. Its subtle, but notice how the rain drops are dark and pick up glints of light reflecting form them…..


Various night time shots. Lighting and environment will play a big role in Ground Branch.


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Things are moving along

April 7, 2015

Things are moving along pretty nicely lately, though everything is still taking longer than we would like. Kris is working really hard on making sure one of the cornerstones of Ground Branch, the character and weapon customization, has a rock solid foundation to build on. This has proven more challenging than originally anticipated, but we think its finally working to our standards. It isn’t currently pretty…. but she’s got it where it counts!  😉


As I mentioned before, we will be releasing what we are calling the Ground Branch Tech Preview soon. This will be a small slice of Ground Branch to give people a general idea of where we are going with the project, though there is no gameplay specifically. The purpose is to give people a small taste of what to expect from the project as well as give us a platform to gather valuable feedback on crashes, system specs, performance and general stability of the project. The Tech Preview will not cost anything and we encourage people to pass it around, share, do videos, post screenshot and whatever else they want to to help promote the project.

The next step after that is to move to Early Access on Steam. We want to make sure that the game is as rock solid and polished as can be at that time. To do so, we have decided to make some things available for purchase to help fund our drive to Early Access and beyond.



Ground Branch Operator Edition

The Ground Branch OPERATOR EDITION is a way for people to help financially support our efforts very early on as well as provide valuable feedback through testing and using weekly development builds.

What you get:

» Immediate access to Pre Early Access development builds to help us design the game around your valuable early feedback

» A private forum area to discuss the game and ideas with other OPERATOR EDITION users and the game’s developers

» An Early Access Steam key when available

» Forum badge showing that you are a Ground Branch OPERATOR EDITION supporter

» The initial full release of Ground Branch on steam when available

» A Ground Branch T-Shirt

» Plus a special in game aesthetic upgrade item!


Ground Branch T-Shirt

 For those that just want to look good, we will be selling the official Ground Branch T-Shirt:
We really do hope to have all this available very soon and will most certainly make announcements when it is. We are working very hard to make this happen. Not much longer now……

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Q&A and development image

March 17, 2015
We recently had a new forum member ask some good questions about Ground Branch that I thought would be good to bring more attention to.
1. AI.  What can we expect from AI performance? will friendly character’s instinctively dig corners, pick up security, not run in front of your muzzle, follow directions ect. And will the enemy act more like a live role player? Run and hide, spray and pray around corners, be distracted, investigate noise ect.

AI is still a bit out, but Epic is doing some really nice things with their built in AI solution. Its not just bots anymore. :)

We certainly plan to have our AI react as humanly possible given our resources and time though.

2. Weapons. Im assuming the selection will replicate a highly funded and completely supported special missions unit like the SOG, but what about the
details? examples, a BAD lever making your reloads quicker (because they do) suppresors NOT making “damage” lower (because they dont) sub sonic ammo making the report quieter but reducing velocity and perhaps accuracy at certain ranges ect.

We are not setting out to make a huge arsenal of weapons. Modders will take care of that for sure. We will have a pretty standard set covering Pistol/SubMachineGun/AssaultRifle/Shotgun/LightMachineGun/Sniper/Explosive

We don’t plan on including any “active” reload situations or random fouling sorts of things. Yes, that stuff does happen in real life, but we feel its just an annoyance in a a game and just frustrates people for no reason. Attachments will have actual impact on the weapons/ammo as well. They won’t be just for show.

3. Breaching. Please tell me work is going to one of the most vital areas in a direct action game. Will there be different charges to choose from and have the appropriate effect?  Will it be an option giving tactical leverage to the assault force, or just an amenity to add to the look which apparently RS siege has done.

We are planning on having extensive breaching capabilities for doorway entry…. including breaching shotguns, charges, kicking and other. We have even prototyped a way to allow players to block doorways from being breached. Not sure if that will make it in or not.

What we probably won’t have much of is arbitrary wall breaching and things like that. That isn’t an area we have the resources to tackle.

4. mission planning. Will we be able to plan the assault? and if so how detailed?

Mission Planning is up in the air at the moment. For CoOp, the plan is to have a pre-mission planning phase where live players can work out their “x’s and o’s” together, but planning for SP a’la Rainbow Six may be out of the scope of GB for now.

5. Sound. Different sounds for shooting indoors and outside? a small thing but would make a noticeable difference to the authentic feel im sure you would agree.

I’m not sure if we will have the budget to record different sounds, but we definitely have environmental settings that process sound based on indoor/outdoor. It all depends on how much funding we can get. :)

6. Tactics. Goes along with AI but is there a realistic approach or a “user friendly” action oriented approach. A better way to word this I guess would be. Are you going to feel like your conducting an actual raid, or just run and gunning at a slower pace becasue you go down in one hit? I hope that question makes sense

I guess that’s up to you and how you play I think. Ground Branch is not designed as a run ‘n gun game simply by the shoot/move mechanics and the way weapons work. We aren’t a sim though so we strive to make things as streamlined as possible. We don’t want you thinking about controls and key combos during play.

7. Maps. I think I already know assuming, but are we going to see some diversity. This is representing a unit that has no operational area, because its on a global scale. Can we expect to see this in the maps we play? As well as the likely CQB settings of houses, offices, industrial areas, schools and public places?

Yes there will be plenty of diversity. There will be locations all over the world…. think R6 in this respect. ;)


And now some art.

We have a few art assets that has been around for a while, so I thought it a good time to start updating some things. Ground Branch will have frag, smoke and flashbang grenades…. even with various colors of smoke.



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