Quiet but eventful

We pretty much have our heads down working hard these days… not to mention Kris has a new addition to the family!

Don’t worry, things are moving along nicely. We are getting close to having the UE4 build more or less back to where we were with UE3 on the programming side. Animation is almost there as well. Maps and content are slow, but getting there. We should be able to start showing more after the new year, but here is a small taste of the Killhouse map everyone has seen many times before….. but in UE4! Of course everything is a work in progress and will only get better. But not bad for a first pass I think.

WIP_KH_Outside_01Sorry for the odd resolution. Had to take it from the editor.

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Quickie…. fun times with Unreal Engine 4.

Believe it or not, there are some people that believe Ground Branch will never see the light of day. Oh well… might as well reap the benefit of it.

Welcome to Unreal Engine 4.

Are we crazy?!
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Ground Branch moves to Unreal Engine 4


We are pleased to announce that Ground Branch is being developed using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4! Don’t worry, the majority of our completed work has moved over with a little bit of effort and things are in a much better state to move forward. For now, here are some of the main reasons for moving on to UE4:

  •  It is modern technology!
  • More efficient art/programming pipelines
  • It allows us to compete better in the graphics area without needing tons of developers
  • Allows us to support platforms other than PC without hiring dedicated and expensive specialized programmers
  • Better Dedicated Server support
  • Infinitely better control and performance with dynamic lighting
  • New Material pipeline that makes use of physically-based shaders to give unprecedented control over the look and feel
  • Much more advanced particle systems
  • Advanced AI and the dynamic navigation system make it simple to simulate complex behaviors with navigation meshes that update in real time
  • Advanced DirectX 11 high-end rendering features such as full-scene HDR reflections, thousands of dynamic lights per scene, artist-programmable tessellation and displacement, physically based materials and shading, temporal anti-aliasing, IES lighting profiles

Moving to Unreal Engine 4 provides us a more solid foundation to make sure Ground Branch has a long life. We want to support GB for a long time and UE3 has been around for a while now… its roughly 7 years old and has lots of legacy code/methodologies that we had to continually work around. Basically, UE4 is a  more solid platform to carry BFS/GB for many years to come. Oh, and it’s just a bad ass engine to work with!

We will have much more to show as we gear up for the new Ground Branch Kickstarter.

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Something is brewing….

A new kickstarter for Ground Branch is in the works! More information will be made available in the next few weeks, but let the teasing begin.

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What could this be…….

We have had lots going on at BFS lately and haven’t done a dev update in a while. So I thought I would just drop this here for now.


FPS aircraft interior designs are tricky to pull off well, but I have a little experience with them. :)


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Website maintenance

We will be working on the main BlackFoot Studios website over the next couple of days so if it becomes unavailable for a while do not be alarmed.

A new site and some new news is on it’s way!

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Looking for some help

We are in need of someone to help create a few UI mockups using Flash, After Effects or something similar. Interactivity is not a must, though it would be nice. Signing an NDA is required.

As most know, we are self funded so while Pro level work is needed, it must be budget friendly for us.

If interested please send contact info and samples of previous work to contact@blackfootstudios.com


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Taking out the trash

We thought we would give everyone a heads up about whats going on lately and where things are headed.

Firstly, as most have heard, we are going to be doing a smaller scale Kickstarter. Details are being finalized so stay tuned for more info.

Next, we are currently redoing both our main BFS and GB web sites. They are getting a new coat of paint as well as overall design. In the mean time, the information about Ground Branch on GB.com is getting updated to be sure that it more accurately reflects the current design.

So keep an eye out for some upcoming announcements.


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Congrats Are In Order

The BFS team would like to congratulate the team at Serellan on their release of Takedown: Red Sabre!


Its always an accomplishment to get a title to release, but more so when you do it on a small budget and against the odds. Take some time to pat yourselves on the back and enjoy!



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House Cleaning

We just added a video that got missed on the BFS YT channel about Weapon Customization. It was on Kris’s personal channel so most of you have probably seen it.

A bit old now, but still very cool!


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