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Somethings coming and here is a preview

So we are getting pretty close to releasing something public….. No really! We plan to release a sort of tech demo in the next few weeks to serve a couple of purposes. First is to allow us to figure out … Continue reading

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Team Rooms

I know we seem to be going slow (We are ), but I thought I’d show something I’ve been working on lately….. Ground Branch will use the concept of a ‘Team Room’ as a place to start the game from. … Continue reading

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Friends of BlackFoot Studios

We are proud of the community that we have built here at BlackFoot Studios. We have people from all over the world contributing and being active on a regular basis. Many types of personalities and backgrounds come together and are … Continue reading

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Extended video footage

Some may be aware that the Rain/Effects video from last week was actually cut short by about 5 minutes due to some audio synch issues. I had to cut out a section that demonstrated a few more effects: Flashbang Smoke … Continue reading

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Rain down on me

While we were sorting out some programming/middleware issues I thought I’d start working out some of the weather systems for Ground Branch. We are starting off with rain but will will also be adding in snow as well. Of course, … Continue reading

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New wallpaper

We have a new wallpaper available courtesy of DetCord, a friend of BFS. Feel free to download, use, pass around or whatever you feel like. Enjoy!   Discuss this article in our forums

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Ohhhh ahhhh…….

We started working on some nighttime items recently, among many other things, so I thought I would post a quick random screen grab while firing in game at night. One interesting development thing is how moving to UE4 has been … Continue reading

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Let’s get this thing in gear

I thought it might be about time to pass along a couple pieces of news…. First off we have officially started a very limited private testing phase for an initial Ground Branch preview release. We plan to open this testing … Continue reading

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Now you know…..

Epic Games has finally revealed their official plans for Unreal Engine 4 for smaller developers! Now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’ we hope to be able to discuss things about UE4 more openly. Discuss this article … Continue reading

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A small update

Most of the legal paperwork we have been waiting on is done, but there are a few more issues we need to resolve with the game itself before we can release anything.  Rest assured, we are getting close! While we … Continue reading

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