Build hotfix ready

March 28, 2017

In an effort to be more responsive to build issues, and to get more people testing things, we have released a hotfix for the recently released Ground Branch build.



Build Id: 1715871

Approx. Size: 158mb

Dedicated Server

Build Id: 1715903

Approx. Size: 28mb



* FIXED SVD Master material had roughness texture SamplerType set incorrectly
* FIXED over the shoulder crosshair in spectator mode
* FIXED optical sights being too close to camera
* FIXED drag drop operation getting wrong viewport position
* FIXED yellow box appearing when using dragging attachment
* FIXED collision on new ACOG 4x32
* FIXED position of sight component and scene capture 2d on new ACOG 4x32

* updated UGBFunctionLibrary::DrawDebugWideArrow() to directly call line batcher instead of multiple DrawDebugLine calls.
* updated GBPlayerSettings class
    * moved the caching of horizontal FOVs from GBPlayerController to GBPlayerSettnigs
    * hooked up OnSceneViewportResize delegate to update the cached horizontal FOVs if the resolution changes.
    * sets local player camera manager DefaultFOV to CachedHorizontalFOVDefault.
* updated GBPlayerController class
    * simplified and improved GetPlayerFOV()
        * will now return CachedHorizontalFOVDefault if the player has no GBCharacter
        * only checks for EPlayerFOV::Default, as the engaged and engaged magnified FOVs 
* updated viewport functions in GBFunctionLibrary & affected Blueprints

* New ACOG 4x32 model

* changed colours used for drag drop item highlighting
* improved ragdoll handling 
    * should twitch less
    * responds to physics collisions
    * makes impact sounds beyond a certain speed (limited to once per 0.5 seconds)
     NOTE: Need proper sounds - for now they are from (all credit to to the temp sounds)

* updated bullet simulation to return if it impacted or not
* improved drag drop attachment handling (I hope)