A new Ground Branch build is available!!

March 24, 2017

Its time for a new build of Ground Branch!


This build has been a long time coming, but its finally here. We continue to fix and rework features from proof of concepts and half done ideas to full featured game systems. Please make use of the ingame bug tracking feature to report issues that you find. It really helps us out!

Build Version 1016

Build 130803


Approximate Update size: 3.4GB

Steam build Id: 1710200


Dedicated Server Steam build Id: 1710264

Approximate Update size: 131MB


Known Issues



Engine Update

We have officially moved Ground Branch to version 4.14.3 version of Unreal Engine.


Check out the full engine release notes here:


As with all new engine updates we take on, we will be utilizing various new features and updates as we go and the game will see various graphics, feature and performance improvements.

General Changes

Lots of bug fixing and MP connectivity is a lot more stable now. We have been able to play multiple rounds with players coming in and out during play without very few issues. The game should have an overall “smoother” feel as things hopefully get more streamlined and less clunky.


New Weapons and Attachments

S516 – A modern customized 5.56 Assault Rifle


SD5 & SD6 – 9mm integral suppressed sub machine guns. Includes receiver and suppressor mounted attachments rail options.




Attachments include a riser system that allows you to mount optics above higher if needed. This comes in handy on weapons with fixed front sight posts like the M16. 20170324115051_1

The laser has gotten a bit of an update to make it more visible. This will most likely get toned down a bit as it isn’t completely realistic.



Weapon Pickup

The weapon pickup system now works reliably. Simply crouch near a dropped weapon to highlight then hit left mouse to pickup.



Target System

Target system has been completely rewritten and updated to be more stable and allow features to be added more easily. The target reset system in the Aircraft Takedown training map is an example of where things are headed. Simply walk to the control panel and manipulate the settings. Then view the results monitor inside when finished.



Character/Weapon Customization

We are currently in the process of reworking this section of the UI so it is very much a work in progress and it is no where near finished. All customization is now a drag & drop operation. So grab an item from the lists of whats available on the right and simply drag it to where you want to place it on your character or weapon. To remove something simply drag it off. You can also easily move an existing item to a new place by clicking and moving it to the desired location.

Each weapon now has a default configuration that cannot be customized. If you want to make a custom weapon select Create New from the weapon dropdown then in the upper left select the weapon type you want to customize. If you want to edit a customized weapon, select it from the weapon dropdown and hit the gear icon next to the name to go into edit mode.




To change colors of various character items, select the corner color swatch of the item you wish to change.


Gametypes and Maps

Maps continue to get optimization passes and various tweaks and changes.

To choose the gametype you wish to play, simply select it from the dropdown. Once selected, any available options and maps are listed.


Each map now has various lighting/time of day setups and can be selected when choosing the gametype/map to play. Once a map is selected you can choose the lighting/time of day from a dropdown under the map list. Currently there is only Day and Night but more will be added.


Changed the spawn point for Terrorist Hunt games in SmallTown to provide players more options.



Users can now choose to turn on/off the Ready Room floating icons/prompts.

The free-aim system has been updated and now includes the ability to fine tune it’s settings in the Options\Gameplay menu.

The Free-look system has also been updated to allow the user to specify if they want the view to snap back to weapon view when released or have the player/weapon orientation update to the where the player is currently looking when released.


Online Play

Users now have the ability to vote on making an existing player an Elevated Player to gain server access. This allows someone to be able to change maps, kick players, change round parameters and various other things on a dedicated server when an official admin or one with rcon access is not present. A server admin can set what items are accessible to an Elevated Player in their DefaultServerManagement.ini file.

Please see our forum post for up to date dedicated server usage (big thanks to MissVerstanden for maintaining this!):




Lots of bug fixes….. As always, a huge thanks to all for the continued support!



* FIXED – bad player spawn point causing player to start map in out of bounds area with no ability to move
* FIXED issue in UObjectArchetype preventing packaged version of GB from loading
* FIXED bug in BP_Glasses_Sun & BP_Goggles_MICH that would cause item at index 0 in inventory list to be destroyed.
* FIXED naming error in SmallTown map title
* FIXED – Daytime sky in FrontEnd Map
* FIXED – bad skin shading due to changes in SubSurfaceScattering setup in move to 4.14
* FIXED – Spelling mistake in SVD rail adapter BP
* FIXED – UMG45 magazine properly labeled as 25 rnd and not 30
* FIXED warning in WBP_SelectPatch_Button
* FIXED head disappearing in character editor when it shouldn’t
* FIXED hidden head shadows when there shouldn’t be.
* FIXED lasers & flashlights becoming visible on leaving character/item editor
* FIXED drag drop operation name for accessory attachments
* FIXED name of socket for mounting rail adapter on SKEL_SVD
* FIXED WBP_ChatMessage_Manager
* FIXED – bad sky in Killhouse Night map (was bright for some reason)
* FIXED gloves trying to load skin when they don’t need too.
* FIXED missing physics asset for NVG mounts prevent them from being selectable/placeable
* FIXED balaclava not hiding correctly when entering character editor
* FIXED mannequin created for character editor colliding with actual character
* FIXED – unchecked sRGB on some weapon roughness/metalness maps so they use proper colorspace
* FIXED character editor camera rotation
* FIXED possible nullptr world usage in GBSightComponent & GBTriggerComponent when destroyed.
* FIXED not being able to overwrite existing item kit (disconnected node due to slight C++ updarte – doh!)
* FIXED BP_Customie_Operator_Station facing wrong character in wrong direction on use
* FIXED OnLogout / K2_OnLogout issue in GBGameMode base Blueprints.
* Gah! Modify engine to block assertion. Fix Blueprints. Revert modified engine class. Fun fun fun.
* FIXED ready room streaming not working in networked PIE game
* FIXED “Advanced” checkbox usage in Terrorist Hunt game mode settings
* FIXED rare possiblity of nullptr in GBGameMode::SendToReadyRoom()
* FIXED incorrect drag drop operation on suppressors
* FIXED posslbe none in WBP_FirearmCustomisation
* FIXED equipment not showing up for platform customisation
* breaching charges can now be placed on platform.
* FIXED attachments not being selectable after being placed
* FIXED breaching charge being visible after detonation (needs testing online)
* FIXED missing lighting scenario info in Depot, Aircraft_Takedown, Nature Area and Alleyway maps
* FIXED bad sollision on Galil mag
* FIXED Bad floor collision in TankerShip lower hallway that allowed player to fall through floor into engine room
* FIXED Removed (Day) from map name description for TankerShip
* FIXED gap in wall dear doorway in SmallTown map
* FIXED bug preventing player states being removed from GameState’s Player array.
This causes numerous issues, such as the round not ending.
* FIXED shirt patch usage & assignedment
* FIXED bug in WBP_SettingsVideo
* FIXED minor issue in WBP_ComboBox
* text used when there is no valid selection was blank 🙂
* FIXED bad text in WBP_VoteDropDown_Content
* FIXED possible none in WBP_Death_Overlay & WBP_Spectator_Overlay
* FIXED sight component zeroing
* FIXED BaseNearMissCollision trying to add widget on dedicated server
* FIXED issue with base weapon material not using linear color for its RMO texture
* FIXED LMG ammo belt not getting to end and disapearing
* FIXED missing sound on handguns (UE4 doing its odd Blueprint thing
* FIXED IronSight zero’ing to better take into account the front sight post
* moved handling of iron sight zeroing to C++
* updated affected Blueprints.
* FIXME – needs us to update iron sights to adjust properly!
* FIXED mouse cursor not showing up in FrontEndMap when not in editor.
* FIXED r.MaterialQualityLevel not being set correctly due to comment in BaseScalability.ini
* FIXED bad target delegate in SH_TargetTest
* FIXED stance indicator level not being reflected by WBP_StanceIndicator
* FIXED Rosterboard is black in SmallTown
* FIXED door handles geting AI characters stuck by disabling there collision
* FIXED session being refused because of network version by disabling the check in the OnlineSessionAsyncServerSteam class
* FIXED GBGameInstance using wrong online session class.
* FIXED server access command “changemap”
* FIXED WBP_Bote being full screen
* FIXED WBP_ServerBrowser filters defaulting on
* FIXED ServerAcess changemap command options.
* FIXED round ending on one player left in coop game
* FIXED chat messages between living  to dead/RR in coop
* FIXED BP_TeamElimination & BP_TeamDeathmatch missing teams.
* FIXED AKS-74u causing character skelmesh skinning issues
* FIXED non-map/non-player admin commands not being usable from UI
* FIXED multiple detonators being given to player & detonators being encoded for/decoded from kits.
* FIXED Giant leaves thrown up during running on forest type ground
* FIXED Missing icon for Baseballhat and MP5 TactLight
* FIXED misspelled ‘Accessories’ in secondary weapon customization UI
* FIXED Removed incorrect rail attachment points on front grip area of Mk48 LMG
* FIXED FOV in BP_EditorCamera
* FIXED engine messages not working
* FIXED remove bots function in GBBotManager
* FIXED freelook and freelook resetting.
* FIXED Optimized lighting in Depot garage building for better performance on some systems
* FIXED bug in GBPlayerController::UpdateRotation() causing odd aim pitch/yaw
* FIXED minor issue when free look is not limited to aim yaw/pitch.
* FIXED GBGameState not having its RoundState set on non-clients.
* FIXED – missing collision on some walls in ReadyRoom
* FIXED RTTSwitch being set to 1.0 by default, thus showing the default green bubble texture instead of optic reflection.
* FIXED missing assocaited physical material for default bullet impact
* FIXED possible bad array index in LS setup (lighting scenarios not loading)


* fixed issue with AI not directly facing door and not being able to open it.. will update later with better check
* temporarily took out facing check on AI using doors.. will replace later.
* Added gameplay debugger interface to new editor module of TacticalAI plugin
Shows AI perception values and stims for all senses
* Updated weapon fire perception sense value, SHOULD use suppression value too, but need to check once that is properly hooked up
* Updated damage taken perception value and CVAR
* Corrected incoming fire location so that now the check works
TODO: find an alternative for this if it shows up in profiling
* Updated crouch/walk/run/sprint perception values and CVARS
You can now sneak up on AI guys from behind, but it might be a tad too easy.
TODO: Balance the various values…
* Tweaked behavior tree and related assets somewhat
* Updated perception values.
TODO: Change where the values are defined to perception component so we can have per-actor perception responses (i.e. hard of hearing guys I guess). Makes it easier to debug.



* Update to Unreal Engine version 4.14
* New weapons
* S516 AR
* SDASS short barrel shotgun
* New weapon attachments
* Angled front hand grip
* V3 holosight
* Shotgun rear BUIS
* Suppressor for subguns
* Suppressor for Rifles
* Tweaked barrel component on weapons to better represent barrel attachments and muzzleflashes
* Updated frag grenade explosion sound
* Trying out new sounds for M16, M4 and S516
* TankerShip changes
* Changed performance heavy dynamic sky to something simpler
* Still provides moving clouds but requires more manual setup and a skydome texture
* Added some moving machinery in engine room (mainly fan blades)
* removed deprecated bWantsBeginPlay from GB components
* enabled console in shipping builds
* updated BP_MenuGameMode to use GameModeBase
* updated BP_MenuPlayerController to show menu on BeingPlay call
* removed GBMenuGameMode class
* updated FrontEndMap
* replaced GBPlayerStart with normal PlayerStart
* updated placed camera to it is automatically used on map load
* Fixes for Speedtree billboards
* Bad material pointer due to new way meshes are assigned materials in 4.14
* Removed old function UGBKitFunctionLibrary::RemoveSimilarItems()
* Made some color adjustments to skydone BP and materials
* Setup SmallTown map to use new lighting scenario setup
* Now includes a day and night version
* New concrete floor material added
* Used in SmallTown buildings
* Changed all maps over to use new lighting scenario setup
* Tweaked nighttime lighting for TankerShip to be a little brighter
* Added in some general use cubemaps
* First pass on a general purpose light BP that makes it easier to control light meshes/materials when using new light scenario map system
* Set all non light scenario maps to load automatically when map is selected
* Added small dynamic light to muzzleflash particle effects
* Small adjustment to Depot level info text
* simplified PP_OutlineColored and added more colours
* Optimizing Speedtrees by using master materials and material instances as well as consolidating redundent material usage
* Fixed LOD distance on a few rocks in SmallTown so they didn’t pop out to early
* Set a couple master materials to use dither on LOD change to lesson LOD popping effect
* created new CharacterEditor
* basic layout based on concept art from Scopey (w00t)
* not restricted to player controller based characters.
* requires only 2 screen widgets, as apposed to previous versions 4-5
* can apply, create, edit, save & delete item builds
* will automatically create “default” item builds as required.
* customing outfit/basic kit done via drop downs.
* customising an item is done by a combination of drop downs & dragging and dropping.
* required changes to GBItem
* adds support for multiple drag drop opertions
* improves/fixs skins loading issues etc
* includes new GBItemDragDropOperation class
* handles bulk of logic when dragging/dropping items.
* added rail risers
* place on a rail before placing a sight to ensure a proper sight picture for low clearance rails.
e.g. M16
* come in different lengths and (currently) different heights.
* fixed collision on several attachments.
* updated GBRailAttachmentComponent & GBRailAttachment
* added a enum to more accurately handle direct attachments
* removes the need for hard coded ‘adapter’ and ‘riser’ checks etc.
* improved rail validity check.
* can now mount attachments over multiple risers.
* improved rail overlap check
* properly takes into account child attachments.
* updated GBPouch
* moved several Blueprint functions to C++
* updated BP_EditorCamera
* added checks for overlapping components.
* added events to hide/unhide overlapping components as required.
* updated BP_Trigger_CustomiseOperator
* added arrow component to show direction (which is now important)
* updated ReadyRoom_BFS/ReadyRoom_Single_BFS
* fixed rotation of BP_Trigger_CustomiseOperators
* added roster & missiong clocks to ReadyRoom_Single_BFS
* enabled overlap on netting to ensure it hides when customising character.
* updated BP_MissionClock
* no longer destroys itself if there is no timer.
* updated GBLevelSummary to add support for LightingScenarios
* now includes a LightingScenario array
* each entry takes a ScenarioTag, TimeOfDay & LevelName.
ScenarioTag = Day, Night, Afternoon – anything.
TimeOfDay = time to associate with this scenario (0600, 1330, 2200 etc)
LevelName = name of the sublevel that holds this lighting scenario.
* updated GBGameStaate to add support for LightingScenarios
* LightingScenario can be controlled by adding ?LightingScenario=<ScenarioTag> to command line.
* updated GBPlayerState
* added call to GBGameState->SetLightingScenarioVisible()
* added OnRepReadyRoom assignable event to Player
* updated Blueprints affected by this change.
* Added more control over normal maps for base Speedtree materials
* Helps to make flat leaf planes appear more volumous
* Provides some visual “noise” in the billboard normal map to help break up flatness
* Adjusted a few billboard texture mip map sharpness settings
* created WBP_Hat_BaseBall_Customisation
* renamed BP_Hat_BaseBall_Master to BP_Hat_BaseBall, ensuring that it actually shows up in customisation menus.
* updated BP_Hat_BaseBall
* switched direct asset references to asset id pointers
* added LoadAsync nodes to load assets as required.
* removed need for creating default kits for items that can be customised
* button will now add an item class entry as the ‘default’ kit, then list all actual kits below that entry.
* updated WBP_FirearmCustomisation
* now filter accessories based on firearm type
i.e. Don’t show bipods for handguns.
* only shows risers if sight rails are available.
* updated BP_Editor_Camera
* light components to no longe rcast shadows.
* separate check for blocking meshes to its own event that can be called separately.
* polished WBP_Character_Editor
* outlines target of button as it is moused over.
* hides mask when changing head.
* added Edit Character title.
* polished WBP_Item_Editor
* added Edit Item title.
* updated BP_Mask_Balaclava
* FIX potential bug when adding/removing
* reduced time it takes to update the the HeadMID.
* updated yellow outline colour in PP_OutlineColored
* removed log & screen spam from WBP_ChatMessage
* Changed Depot maps over to use procedural Landscape Grass system instead of hand painted grass
* More efficient and allows for denser grass
* Small adjustment to NVG PP material to have a bit less bloom on bright materials (still needs more work)
* Small tweak to SmallTown Day SkyLight to help brighten up really dark shadows in trees a small amount
* Added in dark night sky texture
* Small setting change in Speedtree master materials to allow for dithered LOD transitions
* removed old asset FootStep_Asphalt
* updated GBCharacter to clear movement direction when speed is zero.
* updated WBP_ItemList_Button to collapse other categories when clicked.
* increased size of collision for SM_RecoilSlot
* added Swatch to FItemSkin struct
* updated WBP_SelectSkin_Button to use Swatch instead of Icon.
* Added in color swatch for skin
* Setup color swatches for all gear BP’s
* Made some new weapon category icons to try out for Character Editor
* added ClearAllTimersForObject() call to several actors/components when destroyed to ensure all timer manager references are cleared.
* fixed sight/trigger component clear timer calls
* tweaked clear timer calls for few other actors.
* tweaked physics body handling for corpses
* added pachinko area to Example_Map to test physics bodies
* updated new swatch & firearm category textures to conform with naming conventions
* move skin swatches to Inventory/Common
* removed need for skin colour swatch by removing skins from gloves
* updated character editor & related buttons to show/hide skin select button based on number of skins an item has
i.e. < 2 skins = no button
* updated UGBKitFunctionLibary
* updated file manipulation functions to remove hard-coded user/AI paths
* removed old references to kit images (FIXME – we ever use them again?)
* updated path related functions
* move filename validiation from path functions to create/save file functions
* updated all C++ & in-use Blueprints that were affected by the changes.
* added loadout list to character editor – load, delete & save new
* renamed GBGameState OnLightmapScenarioChanged to OnLightingScenarioChanged.
* added lighting scenario drop down to single player screen.
* updated WBP_Defautl_Settings to add IsValid check on default object.
* Added in new Harris bipod
* Added in MP5SD5
* Rigged model
* First pass sounds
* Added icon
* Created 3 LOD’s (Still need some more reduction)
* Tweaked M4 textures for a bit nicer looking model
* Setup light fixture BP’s in maps to work with Lighmap scenario setup
* Depot
* Aircraft Takedown
* added map list support
* added server management UI
* type ShowServerManagementTools when offline to use.
* added map list creator to server management UI
* supports Importing/Exporting map lists
* allows adding/removing entries.
* allows rearranging entries.
* updated GBGameMode & GBRoundManager to support TimeLimit.
* changed bUseSeamlessTravel to false.
* sends everyone to ready room once the time limit is hit or at end of next round
* changes to next map after a short duration.
* added new round stage when map is changing
* updated InitSeamlessTravelPlayer() to probably place character on level change.
* shifted WaitForPlayerState() check to HandleStartingNewPlayer_Implementation.
* updated BP_PlayArea_Door closes when map is changing.
* updated GBGameInstance to add support for pre-server travel screen.
* updated GBReadyRoomStreamer to hook in OnRepInReadyRoom delegate to control non RR actors/components.
* updated GBGameState to hook in OnRepInReadyRoom delegate to control lighting scenario loading/unloading
* updated changed AlHhumansAreReady usage in GBRoundManager
* if ready up/warm up and there is greater then 5 seconds in round time, round time is set to 5 seconds.
* if ready up/warm up and standalone, skips to pre-round freeze
* if ready up ends and all humans are ready, skips warmup.
* reverted to using lighting scenario visibility instead of unloading/loading in GBGameState
* New MP5SD accessories
* Top rail
* Suppressor rail system
* created new BP_NamedSocket_DragDropOpterion based DDO’s for both existing and new MP5SD5 rail adapters.
* removed BP_RailAdapter_DragDropOperation
* updated WBP_FirearmCustomisation to parse rail adapters for both sight & non-sight rails.
* now the MP5SD5 suppressor rail adapter can actually be used.
* updated BP_HeadGear_Master to use similar head vis update as BP_Balaclava
* updated WBP_SelectItem_Content
* moved “Create New” item build option to top of scroll list
* adjust size of scroll list to try and fix it cutting off last entry
* updated WBP_SelectBuild_Entry to adjust auto wrap text option
* updated version to 1016
* updated build number to 201502
* updated copywrite notice on all source files
* modified Class.cpp to include both the class & parent class that is causing RF_NeedsLoad assertion.
NOTE: Don’t forget to BUILD the engine.
* updated GBItem, GBGameMode, GBFirearm & GMMagazine classes to make sure certain properties were readable by Blueprint
* removed WBP_Default_Settings.
* removed old Operator & related widget Blueprints.
* removed unused Character widget Blueprints.
* replaced remaining usages GetClassDefaultObject in Blueprints with engine equivalent.
* let UE4 editor index over all Blueprints
* some Blueprints required resaving to fix misc issues.
* others simply needed package updated.
* moved Team/Player dead checks from GameMode Blueprints that support rounds to the C++ RoundManager class
* updated BP_TeamElimination/TerroristHunt GameMode & GameState Blueprints to be inline with this change
* created WBP_GameModeNoRounds_Settings & WBP_GameModeWithRounds_Settings
* updated GameMode Blueprints to use the appropriate WBP.

* made drag drop operations array in GBItem BlueprintReadyOnly
* updated WBP_ItemList_Button to filter out items that were missing correct drag drop operation type.
* updated WBP_DragItem_Entry to use GBItemDragDropOperation instead of drag drop operation type.
* These two changes stop items being spawned and left behind when not actually placeable.
* increased size of recoil slot collision to make rail attachments easier to place
* changed outline colour of recoil slots to make them more obvious
* updated GBUIFunctionLibrary
* added logging support
* tweaked GetMapList() slightly

* added ElevatedPlayer server access level
* Anyone that doesn’t already have admin or rcon access can become an elevated player.
* Must be voted in.
* Gives them access to what ever commands are defined in DefaultServerManagement.ini
Defaults: changemap, startround, endround, terroristcount & killterrorists
* Need to update server access and voting UI still 🙁
* updated BP_Roster
* uses 3D widget instead of render to texture
* only updates if in ready room or there is no ready room.
* can be told to list players by team or all over them.
* can be told to display players that are ‘on duty’.
* displays name & status of each player via an icon
* updated GBReadyRoomStreamer
* extracts name of lighting scenario from ready room level summary
* streams this level into the streamed level list
* toggles the visibility on entering/leaving ready room, based on the index of the lighting scenario in streamed level list
* updated GBGameState
* no longer requires level summary to be in map
* now toggles the visibility based on the index of the lighting scenario in streamed level list instead of name (faster)
* updated ready room maps
* added BP_Roster’s in place of cork board in main area
* created lighting scenarios & rebuilt lighting
* removed stubbs from various C++ & old Blueprints
(I hope they don’t break because of it…)

* Broke up RR wall meshes so they will render correctly while in Operator customization mode

* Added missing icons for some attachments
* Added in proper STANAG magazine model (was using a PMAG)
* Created POLYMAG (PMAG) magazine

* Updated DedicatedServer.bat to be accurate to current server command line usage and available maps
* Removed (Day) from Alleyway map name description

* Removed NatureArea Benchmark maps
* Virtually the same thing and purpose as NatureArea map

* Changed TargetTest map over to use LightScenario system

* Worked on footstep particle effects
* No longer generate a particle effect for each footstep when walking
* Toned down size and volume of effects when running
* removed lighting scenarios definitions from LevelSummary

* replaced usage of kit file functions with generic file functions in C++ & Blueprints.
* replaced usage of kit json string functions with generic json string functions in C++ & Blueprints.
* removed redundant kit file functions.
* removed redundant kit json string functions.
* updated GBGameState
* updated lighting scenario replication
* removed GetTeamByIndex()
* renamed GetTeamName() to GetTeamNameByTeamId()
* added VotingTimeout
* updated GBReadyRoomStreamer to update lighting scenario replication
* updated GBRoundManager
* updated AllHumansAreReady() to skip team check in non-team game
* updated CheckPlayerCountTimer() to use more of a brute force method of checking for living players & team members
* updated GBTeamInfo
* created static CreateTeamInfo() to use for team creation instead of Blueprint macro
* removed LoadTeamProfile() which was integrated into CreateTeamInfo().
* added ability to host a game via the UI (Play -> Host Game)
* not having much luck with connecting clients to a LAN host, but that may just be due to hitching
caused by the developer build streaming in lighting scenarios causing the client to timeout 🙁
* attempted to fix listen server client issues
* updated engine slightly to give me access to native UOnlineSessionClient::JoinSession().
* deleted redundant GBOnlineSteamSessionClient class.
* updated GBGameInstance to work with UOnlineSessionClient.
* updated loading screen usage due to GBGameInstance changes & updated affected C++ & Blueprints.
* updated server access UI
* added support for elevated players
* updated existing support for admin, voting & rcon
* updated UGBServerManager class
* updated old functions
* added AdminCommands list to define valid commands for admins access set to ‘all’
Allows admins to use all for general commands, with some special commands like add/remove admin.
* FIXED bug in ServerAccessCommand preventing OnServerAccessCommand() delegate being broadcast.
* replaced calls to <PlayerController->ConsoleCommand() with GEngine->Exec().

* updated ParticleModules_Collision to improve usage of IgnoreComponents array.

* Added in new bipod model
* Added functionality to firearm BP’s for fire selctor movement based on user selection
* AK74, GalilSAR, M16, M4 and S516

* New weapon MP5SD6 (Collapsable stock)
* Added dmall amount of animation to LMG ammo belt when firing.
* Not quite the effect I want but its something
* Removed test sling from M16

* udpated GBPlayerController
* adds WidgetInteractionComponent as subojbect
* routes interaction trace result into WidgetInteractionComponent.
* rounds player input into WidgetInteractionComponent when hovering over a widget compoent.
* updated WBP_HUD to display cursor when hovering over a widget component to make interaction easier.
* added OnPlayerLogin delegate to GBGameMode
* updated targets and related assets
* moved functionality from single actor based Bluepritn into seperate component Blueprints.
* hit, dropped & resetting is handled by BP_PlateComponent
* track movement is handled by BP_TrackMoveComponent
* accuracy/nearmiss handled by BP_TargetAccuracyComponent
* created new separate versions of targets types handle by old Target_Reactive Blueprint.
* created new in-game UI to handle setting number of enemy & friendly targets for AircraftTakendown.
* created BP_RandomTargetManagerHelper to allow RPC to route UI settings from client to server.
* created BP_TargetResultBoard show replicate & show basic resutls in AircraftTakendown.
* created BP_TargetPopup_AccuracyCollision for use in ShootingRange.

* updated GBMagazine
* added tracer handling directly to the magazine.
* removed old event
* updated all affected Blueprints
* created new PS_Tracer particle system and hooked it into BP_762x51mmNATO_FMJ_Tracer_Red to for testing.

* removed GBBasePlayerController class
* moved functionality to GBPlayerController
* updated affected C++ & Blueprints.
* created GBPlayerSettings class
* moved all settings related to the player controller and other player related classes over to this one class.
* doesn’t rely on default config class reading/writing
* updated all C++ & Blueprints affected by this change.
* should fix most – if not all – issues relating to player settings not saving correctly for packaged game.
* updated GBFunctionLibrary
* updated Get/Set config variable functions in
* created Generic Sort Array Blueprint function

* updated WBP_Settings_Video
* moved FOV settings to WBP_Settings_Video
* created WBP_CVar_String – a basic copy WBP_Config_String that uses CVar value instead of config one.
* updated Advanced Graphic section to use WBP_CVar_Strings.
* added hard coded default values to GBPlayerSettings in case the ini file is ever missing.

* created BP_Target_Drop
* updated SH_AircraftTakedown to use BP_Target_Drop
* updated target manager & results Blueprints to include basic timer.

* leveraged ProjectSettings.ProjectVersion over built in version creation.
* updated affected C++ & Blueprints.
* removed BuildNumber.h & GBGameVersion.h
* cleaned up GroundBranch.cpp/.h & GBTypes.h
* fixed up affected C++ files by updating #includes

* Tweaked TriggerReset box mesh to better fit the widget screen – gave it an inset
* Made the target widget materials kind of emmissive to simulate electronic screen (WIP)

* added bClientOnlyVisible option to LevelStreaming class
* its sets the ULevel bClientOnlyVisible option once the level is streamed in.
bClientOnlyVisible is used to prevent the client from telling the server it has streamed in a level that should only be on the client.
i.e Some lighting scenarios and LOD maps.
* this fixes clients being disconnected from dedicated servers.
* updated World class to check for bClientOnlyVisible before calling ServerSetLevelVisibility() on sub levels.

* updated GBReadyRoomStreamer to make lighting scenarios use the newly exposed bClientOnlyVisible level streaming option.

* added bTeamOnlyRadio default variable to GBGameState.
* defaults to true, but can be set to false to allow global radio in non-team games
i.e. Deathmatch
* created ShouldHearRadioBroadcast() in GBPlayerState to use same logic in C++ & Blueprint to determine who hears a radio broadcast.
* improved radio sound handling
* created dedicated audio components in BP_PlayerState for radio break start & stop, and the radio static loop
* radio sounds will play at both ends now – sender & receiver.
* will only hear the inital radio sound if you can actually receive a radio message.

* added bShowReadyRoomPrompts PlayerSetting
* updated WBP_WorldPrompt_XXX
* updated WBP_Trigger_PrepArea to respect the bShowReadyRoomPrompts PlayerSetting
* updated screens to change PREVIOUS MENU to BACK (OMG! So amaze-balls! Best feature eva!!!1111)

* added basic compass to BP_WristDevice
* This is just a simple example of whats to come
* improved chat & team chat handling by splitting off logic from game mode to player controllers.
* added freelook option to to reset aim to view rotation instead of other way around.
* added freelook option turn when looking beyond yaw threshold.
* exposed new freelook options & existing freeaim options in Gameplay settings
* Changed SmallTown TerroristHunt spawn point to wooded area on hill in corner adjacent to previous area

* updated light scenario handling in GBGameState to only use LS_ prefix.
* moved ngith vsision assets from PostProcessFX directory GroundBranch/Effects/NightVision

* Cleaned up some lightmap UV settings on Aircraft Takedown map
* Fixed gap between wall sections in SmallTown
* Possible fix for case of AI shooting at player through that wall area
* Changed lighting scenario map names over to use ‘LS’ prefix
* Reworked targeting laser
* Remade beam material to be more solid with subtle “dusty air” effect to break it up
* Removed sphere mesh used at endpoint
* Tweak particle beam settings for a better look
* TODO – needs to be replicated and will NOT be seen in MP

* Tweaked lighting in ReadyRoom maps to be brighter and more natural

* Setup NVG to rotate up/down and emit low light from lenses when used
* TODO – needs to be replicated and will NOT be seen in MP
* Messed with lighting channel settings between lights and meshes in TankerShip interior to reduce some of the light bleed in tight areas

* renamed bLimitFreelookYaw player setting to bLimitMaxFreelookFromAim
* updated affected C++ & Blueprints
* updated GBPlayerController class
* FIXED odd view rotation yaw -nan(ind) bug that cropt due to the day ending in a y.
* FIXED free look rotation speed being limited while sprinting.
* now not limited until max yaw/pitch from aim is reached.
* rotation speed is limited whether sprinting or not.
* getting ready to limit aiming speed based on weapon choice.
* makes it much harder to spin around on the spot 🙂
* cleaned up freelook variables & functions.
NOTE: Due to chagned in UpdateRotation(), all HMD support is currently missing!
* updated UGBUIFunctionLibrary::GetLightingScenarios() to find lighting scnarios only based on LS_ prefix

* updated BP_MissionTimer to use widget instaed of rendered text.
* removed unused fonts and related assets
* removed unused commentary widgets & assets
* disabled collision on BP_Roster widget
* moved UI fonts to /GroundBranch/UI/Common and updated all references.
* moved UI sounds to /GroundBranch/UI/Common and updated all references.
* moved UI/Menu/Common to /GroundBranch/UI/Common and updated all references.
* removed old unused flat screen Blueprint and  widgets

* cleaned DefaultGame.ini
* updated map names in DefaultEditor.ini
* removed unused spawn server actor from GBPlayerController
* changed the way GBGameState determines valid lighting scenario streamed levels.
* updated Substance plugin to