Small hotfix available

March 28, 2016

GBLogoA small hotfix is available for the build release over the weekend.

This update is mainly some server fixes, including addition of ability to set server password. To set a server password open /GroundBranch/Config/DefaultGame.ini. Under the [/Script/GroundBranch.GBGameMode] section uncomment ‘ServerPassword’ by deleting the ‘;’ then add whatever password you like after the ‘=’. Example:


In the server browser, at the moment, if you enter a bad password it will look like its going to connect then dump you to the main menu. That will be handled more gracefully at some point. 😉

There was also a check box added to turn on/off the MainMenu background sounds when no at the MainMenu. It is located in the Audio Settings screen.

Steam build id: 1043982
Update size: 273MB

* updated GBGameInstance
    * fixed bug report having kittens when linebreaks are in description.
    * added support for user submitting password to server on join.
* updated GBOnlineGameSettings to add server password setting.
* added server password prompt to ServerBrowser Blueprint.
* fixed Trigger_JoinTeam causing massive log spam due to invalid player controller reference.
* fixed bad interp speed in BaseOptical Blueprint
* had a coffee (long f'n day)
* Added UserSettings checkbox to turn on/off MainMenu background sounds (Thunder/Rain) while user is not at the MainMenu

* simplfied password handling in GBGameInstance class.
* updated GBOnlineSteamSessionClient so it uses GBGameInstance::OnJoinSessionComplete() instead of its own internal version
    * required to for adding password to URL when joining server.
    * updated ServerBrowser to reflect change
* set bNetLoadOnClient to false for CoverPointActor & CoverGenerationActor in TacticalAI plugin.
    * prevents them showing up for clients who connected to online server.