Build update available and some UI concepts

March 31, 2016


Scopey has posted some new UI concepts in the forums based on feedback from users and the team. These ideas streamline the user experience and make things more intuitive. They will be making their way into the game as we go.

Some fun community stuff….

We also pushed a build update to Steam that fixes some server issues, bug that wouldn’t save uniform choices and the groundwork for our Terrorist Hunt style gamemode.


* added build number generator
* changed network version to be a combination of game version (1010, 1011 etc) & build number (0001->9999).
* added game version, build number & engine version to background of UI.
* rigged game to override the BuildID used in the creation of server sessions.
    * this should result in incompatible servers being hidden from view in server browser.
* Reduced number of recoil slots Heatshield attachment requires
* Cleaned up Background Sound audio setting BP and moved it it proper ini file
* added travel & network failure handling to GBGameViewportClient
* changed game viewport client class to GBGameViewportClient
* created Travel & Network Failure Overlay widgets.
    * hooked them up to FrontEndMenuManager.
* Added doors to SmallTown map
* Added basic navmesh to Test_User_Killhouse map
* created Set/GetGenericTeamId functions in GBFunctionLibrary.
* created Test_NPC map.
* created TerroristHunt gamemode Blueprint.
* created TerroristHuntMessages Blueprint.
* created Test_TerroristHunt map.
* created TerroristSpawnVolume
* modified GBGameMode::JoinTeam() to force player to join team 0 if there is less then 2 teams.
    * allows all Trigger_JoinTeam's to work, regardless of chosen team id.
* added coverpoints and terrorist hunt support to Test_User_Killhouse
* Widened Door openings in wall sections for Test_User_Killhouse to better accommodate Door BP and allow navmesh through
* replaced build number generator with one based on system date : HourDayMonth
e.g. 113103
* fixed operator appearance not saving to config

* Fixed - Made sure metal shelf was using proper physical material
* Fixed - Typo in ServerBrowser GameModes dropdown
* Fixed - Shotgun shell no longer spins on ground (Still want better physics response though)
* Fixed - removed built in heatshields from Mk48 model and added proper rail system
* fixed int to byte conversion in TeamEliminationMessages Blueprint.
* fixed TactialAIInterface Blueprint/C++ shinanigans (I hope)
    * updated affected classes.
    * added SquadId & FireTeamId to GBAIController class.
* fixed possible nullptr in GBGameMode::Killed().