“Ground Branch was seriously wounded, but the soul still burns.”

July 7, 2012

First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed towards the Kickstarter campaign; either by financial means, or by word of mouth. If anything, at least you are are now aware that there is a studio out there that is attempting to bring back a style of game and a mentality that has been long absent from the PC gaming scene. Every person counts, and we are glad to have reached so many new people through this campaign.

Do not be discouraged! Continue to spread the word about our game, to anyone who may be interested. The more people that are interested in such a game, the more likely the chance that we can be successful in the future. I want to personally thank Chris (Sidestrafe) for giving us a few honorable mentions. If you don’t follow this guy’s YouTube channel, please do so; he’s a great game commentator, and when we plan to show more in the future, we will definitely ask for his help. Thanks to all of the cool journalists that covered us (Mike at Joystiq, Adam at RPS et cetera); continue to follow those sites and thank those guys for giving us a fighting chance.

It’s going to be an uphill battle from here, but we’d love to keep you in the loop for further developments. We are currently in talks with a party that could potentially help us get published, but we can’t speak about it just yet. We are also working with a new programmer, and should have some interesting things to show soon. Either way, we’re going to continue working on the game to our best abilities, and will release new videos when we can.

For now, we’re going to take a small break to regain some of our sanity.

Please, join our forums and keep in touch. We will be contacting you guys the second we have more information and videos to show you. I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve shown so far, and will stick around to see more.

Thanks again to everyone who backed us, regardless of the outcome. We won’t forget you. Continue to support cool, niche Kickstarter projects, and please continue to follow us.

BlackFoot Studios