Ground Branch Kickstarter campaign launched

June 2, 2012

Are you worn out from, or just not interested in, the standard run, gun, die, respawn, shoot, die, unlock a weapon, rinse-repeat gameplay of today’s so called “Tactical Shooters”? Does the Original Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon conjure up memories of the type of gameplay that you enjoy? Are you annoyed by the direction of modern, big-publisher PC gaming; an environment of sloppy console ports, lack of useful features (such as server-hosting tools and lack of mod support) and a push for micro-payments and Free-to-Play?

This is your chance to reclaim and restore PC gaming to its former glory. Head over to our Kickstarter project page, make a pledge, and spread the word! We thank you all for your support.

Ground Branch Kickstarter