Ground Branch DRM Free

June 23, 2012

DRM Free
Ground Branch has a DRM-Free version, and supports Offline play!

Some of our community has expressed interest in being able to play the game, independent of Steam. We are pleased to announce that, every backer of Ground Branch, will now have the choice!

We will be providing two executables:

1. A Steam Release (which uses Steamworks for online features such as matchmaking, VOIP and Mod Distribution through the SteamWorkshop) and…

2. A DRM-Free version of the game, which can be played without an internet connection, and used for gamers with LAN-only setups or that want to play the solo portions of Ground Branch without connecting to the internet.

Both versions are free of install limits, and we are not using services like SecuROM. The Steam version can be used for offline LAN as well, but must use Valve’s “Offline Mode” if you plan to be without a connection. Either way, all current and future backers have access to both, in the event that they need to be away from the internet! This is great news, if you’re deployed, or just want to more easily host a LAN party and play our game!

Gamespy is no longer being considered.